Black Manta
Universe DC Comics
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Ogie Banks
Japanese voice actor Daiki Nakamura
French voice actor Thierry Murzeau
German voice actor Tim Kreuer
Arabic voice actor Ayman Al Salek
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Li Jingtang

How Black Manta joined the Tourney

As forces converge upon Atlantis and its King, a current of vengeance flows through the ruthless undersea mercenary known as Black Manta. Sworn to avenge the death of his father, Black Manta has long waited in darkness for his moment to strike.

Determined to avenge his father, Black Manta seeks the help of a bumbling warrior named Yajirobe. He forces him to join the second Tourney to get close to Aquaman.

Character Select Screen Appearance

When highlighted

Black Manta holds his Atlantean rifle.

After the announcer calls his name

Black Manta shoots his rifle and draws his swords saying as the camera zooms "I hate the Multiverse..."

Special Moves

Manta Rays (Neutral)

Black Manta fires a concentrated beam of heat at the opponent, staggering them.

Shark Attack (Side)

Manta flies towards the opponent, grabs them and sends them back to the ground. The Meter Burn version makes him fire his manta rays.

Rising Tide (Up)

Manta disappears in the ground and teleports below his opponent, uppercutting them. In midair, he instead uppercuts upwards.

Torpedo Cannon (Down)

Manta fires a torpedo from his shoulder cannon at his opponent.

Riptide (Hyper Smash)

Black Manta detonates a Neptunean Explosive, causing a powerful current of water to rush the battlefield.

Speared and Seared (Final Smash)

Based on his Injustice 2 Super Move. Black Manta activates his trident and lunges at the opponent. He then uses two shoulder-mounted missile launchers to blast the opponent and fire his spear gun to pull the opponent towards him before finishing with his helmet's eye lasers, scorching the opponent.

Victory Animations

  1. Black Manta charges rays in his helmet saying "Atlantis will be ashes in my wake." and shoots lasers from the eyes then scoops it upward.
  2. Black Manta pets a manta ray and says "I smell blood in the water."
  3. Black Manta jumps swinging his swords then lands on a large bullfrog saying "The deepest seas aren't safe for you." then the frog croaks loudly.

On-Screen Appearance

Black Manta jumps out of a whale's mouth and says "Let's see if it keeps you alive."

Special Quotes


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