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Awards are the Wii U equivalent to the Xbox 360's Achievements and the PlayStation 3's Trophies. Unlike the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Awards allow free money for the Nintendo eShop; however, they can only be redeemed once, and cannot be re-locked.

List of Awards

There are 40 Awards in Super Smash Bros. Tourney, and they all have to be unlocked. This table shows the name, the description, the unlocking criteria, and the color for each Award.

# Award Name Description How to Unlock Award Color
1 Five Star The only thing you need to do to get this Award is obtain five unlockable Smash Bros. Tourney participants. Unlock any five characters Bronze
2 Gold Member Surely no one can ever reach one hundred... Play one hundred Versus Mode matches, can you do it? Play 100 Brawls Silver
3 Ready? GO! Flying is important, but can you unlock a lizard, a demon, and a giant brain? Unlock M.O.D.O.K., Night Terror, and Lizardman Gold
4 Upload! The Super Stage Builder is what you need for this. Build one stage in the Super Stage Builder Bronze
5 Jedi Knight Use the Force to get this Award. Clear Classic Mode with Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Yoda, Count Dooku, General Grievous, Emperor Palpatine, Jango Fett, and Luke Gold
6 King of Iron Fist When you go to The King of Iron Fist Tournament, you will get this Award. Clear Classic Mode with Heihachi Bronze
7 Smash Wardrobe There are a lot of Bonus Costumes in the Tourney. Think you can get them all? Unlock every Bonus Costume Silver
8 Planet Destructor Galactus does massive planet impact, but can you defeat him? Clear Classic-Adventure Mode for the first time Gold
9 Master Hand No More What is that Master Hand up to? You must stop him! Clear Classic Mode for the first time Bronze
10 The Tourney Begins Every Tourney has a start and an end. To get this Award, you must unlock everything. Unlock everything, except for the trophies and stickers, and clear every Event Match Platinum
11 Get Ready for the Next Battle Most commonly, the Tekken series has many characters. Think you can unlock all of them? Unlock Combot, Azazel, AncientOgre, Unknown, Christie, Shin, and Lars Silver
12 Training of Edge Think you can race through Edge Master's powers? Unlock Edge Master Bronze
13 Sky Streamer When it comes to Final Smashes, the Sky Rocket Super Punch is your best bet, and only Alisa Bosconovitch knows that move. Use Alisa's Final Smash twenty times and you will get this Award. Defeat characters with Alisa's Final Smash 20 times Silver
14 Tales of Souls The Soul series has a lot of characters. Real gamers would use all of them... Unlock Night Terror, Seong Mi-na, Lizardman, Edge Master, Hilde, Leixia, Elysium, Amy, Berserker, Dampierre, Inferno, Zasalamel, and Abyss Gold
15 Your Gym Repair Bill... That's three hundred grand for your bill. Use Ganryu's Three-Hundred Grand move fifteen times to get this. Defeat characters with Ganryu's Final Smash 15 times Bronze
16 You Have My Thanks! Trying to go through with Michelle Chang? If Michelle says "You have my thanks." seven times after a Versus Mode match, you will get this Award. Win 7 Versus Mode matches with Michelle while performing her third victory animation Silver
17 The Mighty Algol Has No Equal! Algol never gets his way, at least that's what you think! Use Algol's Final Smash ten while imitating a sumo wrestler. Defeat characters with Ganryu's Final Smash as Algol 10 times Bronze
18 I'm Tired! Are you feeling sleepy? Well, a sleepy potion can help you with that! Complete Event #6 to unlock this Award. Clear Event 6: Potion Battle Silver
19 Mutare Experiments Ever heard of the Mutare experiment? Only Jin Kazama has ever heard of it, and he has to say one line about it three times. Win 3 Versus Mode matches with Jin while performing his first victory animation Bronze
20 Hyper Smash Warlord Smash Balls are great! Use any Hyper Smash fifty times to get this award Defeat characters with any Hyper Smash 50 times Gold
21 Final Smash Warlord If you did good with the Hyper Smashes, do you think you can do one hundred Final Smashes? Defeat opponents with any Final Smash 100 times Gold
22 What You Need is a Raccoon! The Guardians of the Galaxy can do better! Win the Smash Bros. Tourney with a raccoon to unlock this Award. Clear Classic Mode with Rocket Raccoon Bronze
23 Hail to the Chief The Halo War is not the same as the Civil War. Unlock the famous Spartan soldier to get this Award. Unlock Master Chief Bronze
24 The World Warrior World Warriors... Unlock every Street Fighter character to get this. Unlock Hakan, Blanka, E. Honda, Oni, Guile, Gen, Rufus, and Ken Gold
25 Ogre Strike! There are two Ogres, a humanoid and a beast. Win the Tourney with both of them to get this Award. Clear Classic Mode with Ogre and AncientOgre Silver
26 Jinjonatored Fear the Jinjonator. If you're a witch, that is. When the Jinjonator is activated twelve times, this Award is yours. Defeat characters with Banjo's Final Smash 12 times. Silver
27 Sick Day Are you not feeling well? Well, Alisa isn't feeling bad, and she must say that she's feeling better eight times to get this Award. Win 10 Versus Mode matches with Alisa while performing her first victory animation Bronze
28 Fire Pit Have you ever been thrown into the depths of Hell? Kazuya thought so, and he must say "I thought I've thrown you into the depths of hell." eight times if you want this Award. Win 8 Versus Mode matches with Kazuya while performing his third victory animation Bronze
29 No Harshness Allowed! No one is allowed to be rude! Xiaoyu can tell you to not be harsh, and she must defeat twenty-five opponets and tell them not to be so harsh to get this Award. Win 25 Versus Mode matches with Xiaoyu while performing her third victory animation while playing against any Marvel Comics character, Bowser, or Astaroth Silver
30 Confusion Is that Alisa? No wait! It must be Sakura! Maybe it's Talim? Oh, no... Unlock every imitative character to get this Award. Unlock Edge Master, Elysium, Inferno, Combot, Katara, and Mavis Silver
31 Hulk Smash! If you want to know who the strongest person there is in the world, ask the Hulk. If he says he is "strongest there is" twenty times, this Award is yours! Win 20 Versus Mode matches with Hulk while performing his third victory animation Gold
32 Lucky Thirteen Nothing holds power over Heihachi Mishima! If he calls you none other than 78 M thirteen times, you'll receive this Award. Win 13 Versus Mode matches with Heihachi while performing his third victory animation while playing against Doctor Doom or Ghost Rider Bronze
33 Crying Doesn't Count! Please don't cry! If you cry eleven times, I'll give you an Award to cheer you up! Win 11 Versus Mode matches with Pyrrha while performing her second victory animation Bronze
34 Pure Failure Why are you failing? Never mind that! If Ganryu says you flock at every subject seventeen times, this Award will boost your grades. Win 17 Versus Mode matches with Ganryu while performing his second victory animation Bronze
35 Poor Choice When choosing your allies, make sure to choose them wisely! If Kazuya says "Seems you choose your allies poorly." ten times, you'll earn an Award! Win 10 Versus Mode matches with Kazuya while performing his second victory animation Bronze
36 Most Popular There's a popularity contest and all you need to do is mention it twenty times to get an Award. Win 20 Versus Mode matches with Alisa while performing her fourth victory animation Silver
37 Survivor You did a great job surviving that explosion, or whatever. If Astaroth asks you if you thought you could live through this fifty times, be prepared for this Award! Win 50 Versus Mode matches with Astaroth while performing his fourth victory animation Gold
38 Super Hero, Super Villain There are many superheroes and supervillains in the Marvel universe. Think you can unlock all of them? Unlock Thanos, Mephisto, Beast, Hawkeye, War Machine, Loki, Dormammu, Taskmaster, Shuma-Gorath, M.O.D.O.K., and Blob Gold
39 Free Spirit You may have discipline, you may lack discipline. Either way, Ganryu will give you this Award if he says "And you have a complete lack of discipline!" fifteen times. Win 15 Versus Mode matches with Ganryu while performing his third victory animation Bronze
40 Azazel Strikes Back! The final opponent of The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6... Clear Classic Mode with this guy and you'll get this Award. Clear Classic Mode with Azazel Gold


  • The Award named "The Tourney Begins" is a reference to the game's theme song.