Asleep is a status ailment in Super Smash Bros. Tourney which characters enter when they are hit by the following:

  • Jigglypuff's Sing attack
  • Peach's Peach Blossom attack
  • Luigi's Negative Zone attack (Random occurance)
  • Bellossom's Sleep Powder
  • Hypno's Hypnosis attack

In this state, a character is unable to do anything. Rotating the analog stick back and forth and button mashing will remove the effect, waking the character up. Certain characters will sleep after certain taunts when the Up Taunt, Side Taunt, or Down Taunt buttons on the directional pad, but unlike the normal requirements for falling asleep, sleeping by taunting will recover damage. Characters cannot fall asleep unless they are on the ground; any character in the air, on an edge, or on a ladder are invulnerable to sleep attacks. Sleep ends early once the character is hit by any attack (unless it does not cause flinching) or the ground disappears. Unlike previous games, characters do not flash magenta while sleeping, and the stylized "bubbles" are replaced with stylized Zs, like Mr. Game & Watch.