Super Smash Bros. Tourney Wiki
Universe Mortal Kombat
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume N/A
English voice actor Tricia Helfer
Japanese voice actor Fuyuka Oura
French voice actor Lucille Boudonnat
German voice actor Sarah Alles
Arabic voice actor Hanan Choucair
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Yuki Yeung

How Ashrah joined the Tourney

Despite having the appearance of an elegant, old-fashioned, attractive young woman, Ashrah is actually a demon from the Netherrealm. She dresses completely in white and appears as a tall, mysterious woman; a blend between aristocracy and innocence.

Ashrah made her first appearance in Mortal Kombat: Deception. Within the Mortal Kombat series, she is something of a stand-alone character, jumping back and forth between the forces of good and evil. Her occupation is that of a demon hunter. Ashrah's weapon of choice is her Kriss, which is believed to have been "blessed" or is of a "heavenly origin."

After earning her ascension from the Netherrealm, Ashrah learns of a new threat. A danger that was once thought dead; The Subspace Emissary. Taking her Kriss sword, she soon encounters Galleom.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Ashrah holds her Kriss sword near her hat.

After the announcer calls her name

Ashrah holds the Kriss out, then spins as the camera zooms, then says "With my holy sword, I will show evil no mercy."

Special Moves

Lightning Blast (Neutral)

Ashrah shoots a ball of white energy towards the opponent that travels a very short distance but knocks them back.

Spin Cycle (Side)

Ashrah spins in a circle, and if it connects, they will be sent flying. Pressing the button repeatedly will make the move last longer.

Heaven Purge (Up)

Ashrah spin jumps whilst slashing her Kriss.

Nature's Torpedo (Down)

Ashrah flies towards the opponent while spinning, and if it connects, the opponent will be sent flying.

Voodoo Doll (Hyper Smash)

Based on her first Mortal Kombat: Deception Fatality. Ashrah flourishes a voodoo doll (designed with the opponent's image), and stabs its arms with her Kriss. Her opponent's arms fall to the ground, afterwards. She then stabs the doll in its chest and twists the blade, sending chunks of flesh flying from the opponent's torso, before they fall.

Divine Punishment (Final Smash)

Ashrah does two slashes with her Kriss. If she hits, she cuts her opponent's knees, then raises her Kriss high as it glows with heavenly energy then stabs it into the opponent, vaporizing him/her and taking a life from the stock.

Victory Animations

  1. Ashrah swings her Kriss five times, then shine slight off it saying "Those who commit evil must die!"
  2. Ashrah sparks energy out of her hands then says "I will not hesitate to kill you."
  3. Ashrah sets her hands together and brings them down saying "May light purify you."

On-Screen Appearance

Ashrah walks out of a pillar of light and says "If you are on the side side of life, I will destroy you."


  • Ashrah's rival is the transforming robot monster of Subspace, Galleom.
  • Ashrah shares her English voice actress with Sonya Blade.