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Annie stoakes.jpg
Universe Red Dead
Appears in Super Smash Bros. Tourney 2: The New Challengers
Availability Starter
Bonus Costume No Bonus Costume
English voice actor Carrie Keranen
Japanese voice actor Hyosei
French voice actor Nathalie Spitzer
German voice actor Nicole Boguth
Arabic voice actor Amal Saad Eddin
Mandarin Chinese voice actor Sharon Leung Siu Ha

How Annie joined the Tourney

Annie works as a cattle rancher near Bear Mountain and wields a repeating rifle which she has affectionately named "Faith." Annie's father did not adhere to the gender roles of the day: He raised his daughter to be a successful, independent rancher in a violent, male dominated society. Annie was getting by with relative ease until Governor Griffon became obsessed with owning her ranch for himself. When she refused all his offers, Griffon used bribery and intimidation to scare off Annie's ranch hands, but this only succeeded in making Annie work that much harder.

One month after saving her ranch from Griffon, Annie stops a group of four goons from stealing her buffaloes. The fourth man was finished by a man called Tanktop Master.

Character Select Screen Animation

When highlighted

Annie holds her rifle Faith up.

After the announcer calls her name

Annie fires a normal, then explosive shot out of Faith as the camera zooms saying “C'mon! Stick with me!”

Special Moves

Faith (Neutral)

Annie shoots a single shot out of Faith.

Exploding Faith (Side)

Annie fires an explosive round out of Faith.

Hustling Slap (Up)

Annie jumps into the air slapping her left hand hard.

Cattle Smash (Down)

Annie jumps at the opponent and bashes her rifle into him/her.

Faith and Hope (Hyper Smash)

Annie cocks Faith then dances whilst firing explosive shots for eight seconds.

Buffalo Stampede (Final Smash)

Annie whistles then a horde of buffaloes stampede onto the battlefield rapidly hitting the opponent.

Victory Animations

  1. Annie thrusts Faith then swings it left and right saying "You can stop right there and get those eyeballs readjusted."
  2. Annie crouches and shoots an explosive shot then says "It's real smart that you know your limits."
  3. Annie does a circling kick then pets a buffalo saying "I tell you right now you better not fool with me. I don't take kindly to it."

On-Screen Appearance

Annie jumps off a buffalo and says "5000 pieces of gold? This'll help me keep my ranch."


  • Annie's rival is the S-Class 15th Ranked tanktopped hero from the Heor Association, Tanktop Master.
  • Annie Stoakes shares her English voice actress with Ling Xiaoyu, Wheelie Scooter and Guila.
  • Annie Stoakes shares her German voice actress with Faith Connors.
  • Annie Stoakes shares her Arabic voice actress with Juna Ariyoshi, Rayquaza, Carlos, Samantha Parkington, Kangaskhan, Tokine Yukimura, Aeris Gainsbourough, Platinum the Trinity, Naoto Shirogane, Chitoge Kirisaki, Emma Sheen (in the Gundam MK-II AEUG), Reccoa Londe (in the Palace Athene), Vanishing Gungaroo and Fasha.
  • Annie Stoakes shares her Mandarin Chinese voice actress with Whip, Kat, Moonstone, Buttercup, Infernape, I-No and Shirayuki Hotogi.